you need to seriously try mom/ high rise jeans

So let’s talk the uniform of the world as I like to call it…..Jeans! As you know jeans comes in different varieties of shades, colours, style, fit, different wash, distressed or not depends on what rocks your boat. I have shared this skinny high rise last summer, which I absolutely love after each wear. However the bringing back of mom jeans took me a while to adjust to because of the old school stiff fabric, it is looser around the hip, and can either be a straight or tapered leg. and they sure are very flattering. I didn’t think I’ll buy it talk less of wearing,

I ordered a bunch and each time I didn’t like it on me and it kept going back to the store, I tried quite a few pairs over and over until I eventually found which I shared in this post. However I realized I wasn’t a fan of the stiffness of the mom jeans and started hunting for high waisted/ high rise jeans with a more comfortable softer fabric which I finally found! Yaay! And like I always say when you find something you love or looks amazing on your body buy it in multiples lol :)and that is exactly what I did, I got different styles and shads that I love.

I can confidently tell you my go to style which I do not see changing, is the high waisted/ high rise, my preferred fit, Is a more relaxed look which is neither skinny or baggy say more straight, it is just right for me and great styled either casual or formal. I honestly feel this is a fresher more sophisticated look compared to the low rise, and I’ve literally changed my entire jean/ denim collection for high rise/ waisted which I now own in different shades and style, distressed, not distressed.

So if by any chance you are still seating on the fence about this style of denim, well you need to give it a try and I’m telling you, especially if you are a mom or not, because it gives a flat smooth feeing to the mid section and in turn that lovely put together look I so dearly love and which looks amazing on.  





As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish!