you need straw made pieces in your closet

Straw made, woven and or basket made pieces are items I didn’t even give a second thought about 3 years or so ago, I didn’t even have any piece made with straw in my closet way before I started blogging. Straw made items to me while growing up in Lagos, Nigeria was either for decor, furnitures, and made for carrying laundry etc.

I am super glad and grateful for the Holy Spirit for starting me on a journey of opening my eyes and and changing my heart towards perspective/mindset. I can now tell you having straw made fashion piece is really fun and I’ll say needed during the summer time because as a luxury lover my items like shoes and or bags get to breath and have “free time lol during this fun season.

In all transparency, basket, straw or woven, however way you show to call this pieces is actually one of the reasons I shared my never say never post. I will highly recommend that you read this post as it if you are yet to do so and please with friends and family as well because it is as informative as all my other post.

Now, I have shared straw bags like this fun pompom in this recent post, bamboo style and in another colour, also this multi colour. I have this pieces in hats as well as recently shared here, another colour here, and this pieces are best during the warmer weather and also when on vacation.

In my experience styling straw hat or bags I have fund them very functional each and every summer because of neutral looks which allows pairing them with anything so seamless. I also tend to gravitate towards this pieces more during summer time due to said reason, and they come in different styles especially bag which comes in clutch, mini bags, cross bags etc.

So if you are still sitting on the fence on any straw/woven pieces I highly suggest you try them out! If by by chance you do please let me know your thoughts on them wink!

Outfit Details//
//Maxi Dress // Old, Love thisSimilar here, More here
/Sandals/ similar here, more here
//Basket Bag// love thissimilar here
//Straw Hat // Here, more styles here



As always thanks for stopping by, and I hope you become more optimistic and seek God for Everything!



  1. Olaronke
    August 8, 2020 / 8:03 am

    Lovely! Your decor concepts and write ups is everything love 💓 😍 always on point love!💪🏽

    • April 9, 2021 / 6:59 pm

      Awww you just to kind with your words! thank you Babe:)

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