you need colours in your closet all year long

With springtime being here, it is time to shake up your closet and let fresh in and the cold feeling out. As you might have noticed, I LOVE COLOURS a lot and honestly without colours the world would totally be boring. Colours are not only necessary during the warmer months but also for those cloudy, brutally cold days and or nights to lift up your spirit.

//Outfit details//
//Pants// Zara, old, back in stocksimilar styles, 
//Coat// Zara, new seasonsimilar here
//Neck Piece// Chicos, old, similar styles
//Heels// Christian Louboutin, old, similar budget friendly, 
//Blouse// Zara, New Collection, other colours, similar here

Colour is a major part of who I am as a human being, my personal style, all that concerns me and my life in general. I find colours elevate my mood, my spirit, it makes me feel great with myself and most importantly it draws great energy, attention and awesome compliments.

Colours make an outfit pop and take it to another higher level, it makes one stand out and look different in a good way of course. Coloured pieces are also very versatile and functional, you can mix different colours to make an outfit, you can do a monochromatic look, you can tone it down with slightly darker colours, as well. So you see colours for me is no joke at all and I highly take it seriously in my own world, not just only in my personal fashion or style.

Colour for me is hugely important in all I do, my house is colourful, but of course in a reasonable way lol, my kitchen utensils like my pots and pan, my cutleries and even cups are all beautifully coated in vibrant colours. My notepads, planners and my stationaries, which is also a big deal for me lol I love my coloured pens.

Having said all this, I will love to encourage you to dip your foot into colours anyhow you want, you can start small with as little as a scarf if you are the type that does not do colours. However, if you already do colours like me, then kudos you are my human. Styling colours is absolutely fun and the opportunities is endless :).

play with other colours it feels amazing
It is so fun having a colourful closet
You can style colours in a monochromatic way
you can choose to stand out in a bold outfit
you Can tone down your colours with other colours

As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish!