how I take care of my body during winter with Everbella

Happy Friday lovely people hope you had a great week so far! Well, mine as being fantastic as I worked on getiing my home office going to be well utilized and I am glad to let you know as of today it is about 90% complete yaay! Now I have my own girl cave or should I say sanctuary, guys I am so proud of myself putting everything together was an amazing feeling. Doing this and taking this step has really motivated me even more with my contents which brings to me sharing today’s post which I have been meaning to post for weeks now, also because I wanted to use the products for weeks and give my honest review or opinions. I am glad to finally be sharing my thoughts and experience using the Everbella products for the skin. Naturally, when I received the package I was immediately excited to give it a try as a skincare lover and enthusiast and by chosen career, a certified esthetician I love to try new skincare products that will benefit my skin as a whole and not just only my face!
The Scented Candles
First I loved the packaging and it came with a nice note customized to me, as I opened the box I was welcomed by the mixture of herbs and sweet aroma of the products which left my dining area smelling luxuriously beautiful. I received a bunch of different products which included the energy healing Chakra scented candles and all three had a different smell, and different colors, I love me some of that which I started using the next day courtesy of my children (they took after my love for anything with a beautiful smell Lol).

The Bar soaps
In the package, as well were two types of bar soaps. I used the Himalayan salt soap which is the pink one first and I must say it was amazing and I loved it as it lathers a lot even while I was scrubbing underneath my feet and this is some of the things I look for in a bar soap. The soap smells beautiful and I literally smelt it till I fell asleep, also I loved the squicky clean feeling it gave after I was done showering. I used the pink one for about two weeks every day before switching to try the Neem bar soap Rum which is the brown soap, and guys I can honestly tell you this company did a lot of research and put a lot of thoughts into making their products. The brown soap also amazing smell, lathers very well and had hints of mints which I have never come across before now.

The Body Scrubs
In my shower routine, a body scrub has always been a staple for me. I have actually been procrastinating getting another jar when the last one finished, So when I realized the package came with not one but two different type of scrubs you can imagine how excited I must have felt. I tried the Brown Sugar Sweet Body Rub first and used it at night just because I wanted to see what my skin will feel and look like in the morning also I suggest using this scrub first before showering as it has quite a bit of oil in it. If you have dry skin using this scrub in the morning before going about your day will be a good idea as it will keep your skin moisturized all day especially during this cold winter months. I then switched to Sweet Body Rub in Zyfr flavor, the 2nd type of scrub 2 weeks after which also like all the products I tried, have an amazing and delicious smell which is out of this world. Unlike the Brown Sugar, this does not have oil secreting out of it but rather dry and a bit softer on the skin. Both scrubs buffed away dead skin and left my skin soft, smooth and supple after my bath especially my palms, they were so smooth and just glided on my skin. Overall I love them both as I did the last brand I had been using for years. 

Sweet Body Butter
Also in the package were two jars of sweet body butter, I used the Zyfer flavor 1st after showering with the Himalayan salt soap in rose (pink soap). Guys this is best for dry skin and the winter cold months and I honestly am grateful for receiving this package now that it is really cold. I used the body butter in the morning and I can honestly tell you my skin felt so smooth and moisturized all day! I didn’t experience dry patchy or even ashy area on my skin all day and even until the next morning. The other sweet body butter in brown sugar is my favorite smell out of the two thank goodness its a much bigger jar lol. I also got this little balm in the silver container as pictured below, which I apply on my lips at bedtime for hydration which I have permanently left on my bedside table for easy access before bed or even when I wake up during the night to feed my baby.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did working on it, now, this post is sponsored by Everbella Cosmetics,  However, all thoughts and opinions are mine and honest 100% 

As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend ahead and stay flawless