why your family needs a cottage getaway

As you know how hard this covid-19 pandemic has hit everyone across the world hard and cold without a warning of some sort. Literally everyone’s plans individually, as a group and or as a family has been cancelled or put on hold till we are given the clear to get back to normal if we ever get back without changes.

My family’s plans to travel and my plans to doing a girls trip for the first time has also be affected and we have had to cancel ALL plans. However, we decided to do a family staycation within and chose a two hour drive to the cottage for about five days and boy oh boy did we have a blast.

I totally recommend going out to the cottage especially during this time that international travel is not allowed due to the pandemic. During this cottage stay, we had activities that we have yet to do until now, like my older girls kayaking for the first time and I must say I am super super proud of them.

We went to Bayview wildwood Resort, which is a lakefront cottage community style and we stayed for 7 days. Upon arrival. we decided to take a tour of the cottage just to get familiar with the amenities and what our abode for the next few days looks like. After dinner the kids and I went for the rocky point to enjoy some tunes by a local musician called Jim Cronk and omg I wish my pictures where clearer so you can see my 8 year old son and my little 3 year old missy dancing away their tiny limps it was definitely I sight to see lol.

We had our first swim in the lake yes a lake and wow how this trip again proved to me and us as a family to keep trying new things by getting out of our space more and have an open mind to creating more memories together. Our cottage was right in front of the lake and we also had access to the swimming pool, so we were in the water pretty much everyday and I even got to teach / give my toddler girl her first swimming lessons (Proud mummy moment).

As bombed as we were for missing the boat cruise booking to see the scenery and learn some history, we still got to ride bikes, play lawn tennis, play bingo. I even joined the yoga class which just like this trip was a first and we drove to town few times as well when we felt like it. The feel of cool breeze made the stay itself awesome, and one of the favourites was being on the beach while the sunset was happening…just priceless.

Due to covid, safety was widely practised by us, other guest and the employees as well, everyone maintained the required 6feet between families. The pool was not more than 10 people in it at once, there were sanitizing stations throughout the resort, and high touch areas was sanitized, having said that house keeping services were not available at the time.

Overall this was a wonderful experience for us as a family especially during this much need break from this pandemic effect. I shared a lot of live events happening at the time on my Instagram stories and you can now check my highlight as I created one just for this trip.




As always thanks for stopping by, and I hope you become more optimistic and try new and exciting experiences with you family!