why your fall closet is not complete without dark florals

Hey hey, new post new hair who this lol, well same me but back with fully charged and amazing energy, bursting with great motivation added and it would literally be a crime not to bring ALL that wonderful feeling to you. Now I promise I’ll share more and indept of my mini break from the blog and social media in the next few weeks, but for now and this post is all about positive energy and just how much I miss sharing with you.

So it is fall here in Toronto for sure, with chilly mornings and nights and even some days is not so warm, so meaning winter is slowly creeping in on us for sure. As you know I am not a fan of winter but hey I live and call here home so I have to continue to deal with the weather by keeping as warm as I can right :)!

Now can we just talk about this lovely dark floral jumpsuit, the burst of colours was just too much to bypass. The combination of mustard, baby aka sky blue (my favourite colour) with black as the background, I just heard my name as I sighted this piece literally lol I knew I had to have it.

I love how I always buy items at different stores, different time and yet it always matches one piece or the other amazingly without me knowing at the time of purchase. The totality of this outfit in exactly a great example of that where all the pieces came together and worked well.

//Outfit Details//
//Jumpsuit// Similar styles here, Love this
//Earrings// Old, similar here
//Bracelets, here, similar here
//Shoes// Old, more styles here
//Rings// RivkaFriedman, similar here
//Bag// Sold out, similar here, more here






As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish!