Why you need to invest in Silk & or Satin pieces

Now, that the weather is much better, we outside and mask mandate has finally been lifted, it’s high time to discuss a much needed, must have fabrics in our closet and I’m talking about Silks and Satins.

Both fabrics are commonly used in skirts especially in pleats style, scarfs check here, blouse pants, in nightgowns, lingerie, robes, evening wear, blouses, suits, curtains, pillow, to name a few.

I highly recommend that you invest in either fabrics as it give the outfit and elegant and opulent look and feel to it. Or, treat yourself to a set of sheets made of either fabric, regardless of, make sure to follow the directions for care and maintenance, read the instructions manual before washing.

The Main Difference Silk and Satin

There are many similarities between Silk and Satin.

  1. Silk is the strongest natural textile in the world, made through natural processes. While Satin, is a man-made material. It can be made up of a mixture of satin, nylon, and polyester.
  2. Silk is a natural fabric while Satin is a wrap-dominated weaving technique.
  3. Silk is shiny from both sides while Satin has a glossy surface and dull back.
  4. Silk shimmers when seen in the right light, while Satin does not shimmer, but it does have a glossy appearance.
  5. Silk is a stronger fabric than satin, while Satin is more delicate than silk, so it needs more careful handling.
  6. Silk can be hand washed but Satin sometimes needs dry clean.
  7. Silk can be washed but should be in cold water by hand. Satin is dry cleanable only, so it actually is more expensive to maintain.
  8. Silk has long been the symbol of good taste and wealth for centuries. Satin was invented during the middle ages.
  9. Silk also dyes well since it is a Natural fiber, Satin is known to ‘pill’ or forms small hard balls if not handled correctly and this will be rough and uncomfortable to the skin
  10. Satin may be slightly cheaper in the beginning, but if you are using this fabric on your bed, you may find that it is difficult to maintain. But Silk is a luxurious fabric and hard to produce, silk threads are made by literally thousands of worms, which makes it somewhat more expensive when compared to other fabrics like satin.


As always thank you for taking timeout to show me some love by being here and continue to stay STYLISH!