why you need printed shirt in your closet

“Life’s too short to wear boring clothes” by Carly Cushnie and Michelle Ochs” if this ain’t the truth I don’t know what is,  as my personal style resonates to this quote so much it feels like I wrote it myself lol wink. Now, in previous post, I have shared the functionality of white button down shirt and why it should be a staple in this post, here and here  because it is quite a life saver and way more important in any type of closet.

To be honest as much as I love the plain white shirt and how functional it is, it can seem boring sometimes in my opinion, hence why the above fashion quote nailed it big timeWith that been said, I’ll be sharing a different style of button down shirt today, this time with designs, patterns and or prints on them which is as important as having the good old white one. 

One of the reasons I personally love this style of button down shirt is how bold, colourful and not to forget the prints and designs on it, I mean it is just too exciting to pass if you ask me. A printed shirt does exactly the same thing the white button down shirt does and even more like be worn during any season so it can go a long way and serve its purpose.

I also feel printed shirt is the fun version of white button down lol check this out this post to get a feel of how exciting print shirt can be. Now for styling, printed shirts can be worn over shorts, jeans, skirts, even a dress making it functional and very versatile to style with multiple items, and as I always say it depends on how creative you are in getting different looks from a piece of clothing.

Printed shirt can be styled tucked in or out, can be tied with a knot in front or even as I did for today’s post showcasing how to play around with your looks. It also comes in a ton of colours and styles and I have carefully curated different types with various price points depending on your budget!

Outfit Details//
//Jeans// Old, here, More here
/Mules// Vince, Old,, similar here, more styles
//Shoulder Bag// Kurt Geiger, Similar style
/Scarf// sold out, similar here,
//Print Shirt// sold out, love this and thissimilar styles




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