why you need different colors of winter jackets

It is black Friday and that means shopping!!!  However I’m not going to be out and about looking for the best deals to purchase, I think I have had my fair share of doing that over the years lol. Having said that I hope you are friends with me not only on my blog but also on my Instagram which is my most active social media outlet, as I will be posting all the amazing deals I find in real time on there.

Being a huge lover of all bright, vibrant and beautiful colors, it is no brainer I am sharing today’s post and in all honesty, I think I should have shared this earlier but it is better late than never! I suddenly just realized working on this post that I actually own one black wool coat which I have owned for over 10 years yes true story, and so funny I hardly style it on the blog? I also own one leather jacket, and my everyday day jacket is in this similar style also black for obvious reasons.

That is about it for black outerwear in my entire collection can you believe that, Well I guess it is because literally, everybody who lives in a cold climate weather has at least one black outerwear, so I didn’t think much of styling black coats. Personally, I believe colored coats/ jacket, does elevate an outfit giving it a vibrant more put together look overall especially when the coat is styled as a pop of color or even color blocking style, each color still stands out without competing with each other and it even makes the picture more amazing to look at.

In past post, I have shared and style this yellow wool coat I got from H&M I believe last winter, recently a shared a post I styled this red one I got from Zara about 3 years ago, this blue coat also from Zara last year and finally this tan coat from Asos. Now I have recently and by recently I mean a few months ago lol snagged some lovely colors at great prices and added to my coat collection, also lets be real colored coats can be all around functional and resourceful which is why I’m super excited to share with you the newest addition, I promise post is coming soon.

Now, I do have a few more coats I’ll love to add to my collection as time goes on, colors like this deep tone, love this color, great for this season and here. I will love to add plaid as well here and here and not forgetting animal print is also needed, oh and by the way, all these coats I just shared are all on sale right now.


As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend while staying STYLISH