why I don’t do New Year Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR, AND WELCOME TO A NEW DECADE! Coming into this new decade, like everyone else I have things I want to achieve, steps I want to take that are new etc, and so my mantra for myself this year is “Let go and Let God while taking actions”. This simply means situations out of my control will be left to God to take care of on my behalf, let Him do His thing yet I will continuoually take the necessary actions needed on my part!

I stopped setting new year resolutions some years back to be honest as I didn’t like the pressure, and I found myself comparing my achievements with others and didn’t recognize nor thought I had things to be grateful about which I knew was totally untrue. So instead I write down my long and short term goals without any timeframe attached to it, I just make sure I continue working towards it.

Here are some of my Goals starting this new decade and ongoing..
  1. Cheers to More Date Nights: From my husband and I working full time jobs, and also managing our separate businesses, to having four not so little but beautifully created humans to cater for it’s super tough to have a date night. I cannot even remember the last time we went to the movies alone without the kiddos as we go everywhere with them. But 2020 is going to be different for us from spontaneous outings to going to shows and concerts, I just can’t wait.
  2. Gym time:  Okay this one I seriously need God’s help for sure lol. I have not really being an overly active person, however my body is not having that lifestyle anymore. My goal is just for more physical strength and energy not to lose weight per se.
  3. Family Room Makeover: for sometime now, I have wanted to redecorate my family room which is the most used room and where we spend a lot of time as a family. So this year my plan is to update the family pictures, change the furnitures and just make it more cozy and let the love shared in this space reflex.
  4. Taking More Risk: I have never been a risk taker because it just scares me, however, I have started taking baby steps as I have shared here, and here, and here. This year I want to be more intentional about taking bigger and better risk and also enjoy each moment.

So are you like me that do not put pressure on yourself and no time frame on goals, if not I’ll like to hear your thoughts on this post and would love to hear about your New Year Resolutions as well

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As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish in 2020 and beyond!!