What I have learnt: 15 years of marriage

2020 is a very special year in my marriage as It is our 15 year wedding anniversary, which is a wonderful millstone. We celebrated by enjoying classical Chinese and Orchestra dance for the first time, and ended the night with some delicious gourmet dinner.
What I have learnt in 15 years of been married 

Prayers and 100% Faith in God; Personally this has honestly been my secret weapon, and without it I don’t know where my marriage nor I will be todayThis is certainly the most important and is everything for a marriage to work out, for the couples to stay glued by love and to keep loving each other. Prayers is the answer to everything it just helps heal wounds of years and those days where seeing your partner is unbearable, and trust me those days do exists.

Patience Is the Hardest: Listen right after Prayers is being patient but the most rewarding! I can honestly tell you the most challenge is having patience, especially when both parties have different opinion, which is seriously often no matter how much you have common. You have to understand you grew up in different homes, families and backgrounds, so each person’s interpretation is definitely going to be different. Another trait I am so grateful I have!

Communication is Very Important: Been friends and talking about ABSOLUTELY everything is what I called foundation to a wonderful relationship. It also is what will keep the marriage in times when things are not so great, so making time to confide in each other is a necessity. That is where the next advise comes in and very crucial to a successful marriage.

Making Date Night: I’ll give credits to my hubby on this one, as I get too comfortable not going out most times and he likes been out. This is actually one of my of my personal goals as I shared here, I know it helps in reconnecting with your partner and get to know them better on each date

Investing in Your Relationship: If you think being in a relationship is work, well, try being married, it is constant, continuous work on yourself, your partner and both of you as a couple. Sacrifices, comprises, major work, supporting each other always are some of the actions that make a marriage.

Taking Risks: Again my hubby takes the high five for this, I’ve mentioned before I’m not a risk taker but this year, I’m on a journey to conquering any risk that shows up daily. One of the major risk we took was leaving the kids for 7 days and going on vacation which I shared here, and the one I took on my own here. To this day both trips have a one of the best memories for us.
Refreshen your Relationship: Now one will definitely different from couple to couple. Just try to find and do things that  will keep your relationship new and fresh occasionally, things that will make you both miss each other that way your love is renewed!
My advise to my younger self or newlywed is- build a solid foundation in communication, so that what you both decide is never over turned or gone against by anyone!


As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish in 2020 and beyond!!