valentines gift idea 2017

Happy Monday my lovelies!! I know I know I was missing in action last week with no post, big apologies about that, as you know my heavy with my 4th child and a routine doctors appointment turned out to us spending few days there. It was a bit scary but thankfully the baby and I are doing well and am back to counting down to the next few weeks of meeting him/her on delivery day.

So can you believe its middle of February and its valentines on Tuesday! So I came up with ideas as i always do lol.

  1. 1. FerragamoSsignorina eau de parfum – I own this perfume and I can tell you its smells divine I LOVE IT!
  2. 2. Beats by Dr Dre headphones
  3. 3. Red or Pink roses either mixed together or delivered individually
  4. 4. Chocolates of course (it wont be valentine without this) I love white chocolate though FYI just in case one of y’all want to surprise me lol winks
  5. 5. A set of nail polish, keep in mind it can be any brand but i just chose essie
  6. 6. Decorative hair accessories which every girl needs

  1. 1. Ralph Lauren red perfume
  2. 2. Tickets to his favorite game
  3. 3. Clipper set for grooming his facial hair
  4. 4. Winter accessories to keeping your man warm during the cold months
  5. 5. Beats by Dr Dre headphones


Thanks for stopping by! Until next time have a fulfilled valentines day!

Remember to Stay STYLISH for Valentines!!