trusting God everyday – Let Go and let God

I know it has been so a long time since I last shared an inspirational post geared towards faith based, but like I always say, I will only share when the Holy Spirt has convicted and given me the go ahead to share. Having said that I do apologies for sharing this very important post late :).

However, this particular post, I should have posted back last year, but this post is one I struggled with for months, 9 whole months to be precisely honest with you. Not because of shame no never, but more on how best to articulate my thoughts and proceed to write down all in transparency and honesty that way I do not confuse you my readers.

I didn’t and still don’t think I am knowledgeable enough to share this post, but thank God for loving us unconditionally regardless of how much we see ourselves as unworthy. Just as His word says in Isaiah 1:18, Mathew 11:28, and James 4:8-9.

  • I remember when the Holy Spirit instructed me to start this blog in June 2016, with so much questions and even confusion I launched this blog Nov. 1st 2016.

It has been a very rough, lonely and patchy journey and I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have lacked motivation and even thoughts of quitting. However, I’m still very grateful thus far and what I have learnt, people have been blessed to connect with yet the journey is not half way done lol.

  • More recently, last year I want to say August 2020, I was home doing chores and minding my own business lol like that exists with God right. I heard clearly and loud enough as the Holy Spirit said “Leye you NEED to trust me,” immediately I said Lord I do trust you.. Well, From that moment till few days later and many tears after the Lord showed me so many ways I didn’t trust or show Him trust and most importantly reminded me to “take off the back cushion” which meant my never ending plan B to everything, and give Him full control.

And so I begin the journey of learning how to trust God, by constantly asking for Gods help daily, and I mean every single sec, minute, hour of the day to teach me how to Trust Him God Almighty. I ask the Holy Spirit how to let go and trust Him completely 100%, I’m obviously not there yet but He requires us to ask as in the bible Matthew 7:7-8 and I use this verse everyday along side this verse for wisdom when asking, James 1:5–8.

  • Through this, the Lord bluntly told me a very good friend of mine of over 20 years was angry with me which I was surprised by. As the bible says in Numbers 23:19 well I called her and also bluntly told her what the Holy Spirit said and she confirmed it telling exactly what I had done without knowing.

Thank God for His wisdom, I was able to explain my side, which also I was going through some major challenges at the time. To God be the glory, as I share this post, we are back being friends just by trusting the word of God, 2 Timothy 2:13

I need to go where God Almighty leads, but it can be challenging as he speaks in parable most times and also I limit myself. I tend talk and convince myself I just cannot do it. So when you are facing the fear of trusting God, remember this – when “God takes you to it, He will take you through it without letting go for a split second.

Ways to Start Trusting God 

  1. Let Go and Let God by giving Him Full control
  2. Spend time reading His word ….The Bible
  3. You Can ask Him questions but you cannot query God
  4. His Full of love and His name is LOVE, He does not think of you, the way you think He does
  5. Remember what God has done in your life in the past
  6. He is the greatest teacher and yes even social media you will be shocked
  7. Give to God’s missions (Im still learning this as well
  8. God is Not a man that should lie so remove the back cushion
  9. Go to God in prayers (I struggle with being consistent with this
  10. Tell God everything and reduce what you tell friends and family
  11. Ask the Holy Spirit how to be successful in any and every area you need assistance
  12. Allow God to nourish you in other for you to flourish


As always thank you for taking timeout to show me some love by being here and continue to stay STYLISH!