top Six spring/ summer trends you will love

As you might know, trends tend to evolve each season, there is always a new, and or old being brought back and or with a twist to it. So today I’ll be sharing some of my favourites spring/summer trends for 2019.

The first trend is accessories like bags, the mini bags are still very much in trend as shared here, here. Also in are the bucket bags shared here, the basket/straw bags shared here, here and here. Now the bag trend I surprisingly bought is the transparent/ clear/ PVC bag which is super trendy. High end and fast fashion are doing their own version of all these bags which also comes in transparent shoe version.

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//Jeans //Mules //Staud Shirley Bag //T-shirt// Bracelets



I am super excited and happy about Colours being embraced widely this season. This is so my jam, as I am about to literally be unstoppable this season :). Although I wear colours all year long regardless of the season, I tend to play it a tad bit safe during the colder months. Keeping in mind that all bright colours will be widely seen like yellow, blue and neons are very much in, however, orange is the Pantone colour of this year/season.

a colourful closet to complete different outfits

Bold Suits is another trend I tried, love and shared my thoughts on in this post. This trend works great with the bright colour trend, as the suits come in amazingly vibrant colours. I personally feel powerful and confident styling this trend, no wonder a lot of women embraces this so much. Brands like Zara, H&M, and Asos have suits in skirts, pants, and even in shorts styles.

bold suits and matching set trend

Neutral shades, this trend is one of those that I hardly do but so funny I have been loving mixing it up as shared in this post. I have styled neutrals in different shades like browns, camels, whites, creams, and beige lately. I have been loving neutrals for my accessories as well like shoes, and bags as shown below.

neutrals lie browns, beige, creams, tan

Ruffles, puffy and balloon sleeve details in your outfits yes please, this will be in pieces with and might be even come with a bit of drama like your sleeves,  it can also come in skirts, dresses and blouses. This trend just calls for great attention to your outfit where ever you go and I have few pieces I’ll be sharing soon.

The prints trend is classic and it should not be classified as a trend in my opinion because it never goes away. It is a fun one I love, and I enjoy experimenting with mixing and matching them, as seen here, here and here. I have a full dedicated post on this sharing different types of prints that elevate your look or overall outfits.

polka dot all the way


As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish!