tips for a modest, and stylish closet for Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to me, my mama, sisters, and of course to you! Listen, it doesn’t matter if you are already a mother, not yet one, and whatever the case is I honestly believe ALL women are mothers as we are created with a nurturing attribute and nature differently!

I believe, it is no secret that my personal style is a modest and conservative one, from the midi length in skirts and dresses, you can check out this post on midi length  to NO showing off skin in the chest area or belly show off etc, check out ALL my sales here. That is why for this year’s Mother’s Da, I am sharing how easy it is to have a modest yet fabulous closet. Now this decision was is a personal choice of course as I prefer to look elegant, classy and stylish. Also being a mother to three daughters I needed to show them that modest can be very stylish.

Tips to having a fun, stylish and classy modest style
  • Stay true to your modest style – This one can be hard unless you settled in your heart to remain modest. There are different styles on social media and the internet to make you think otherwise, but my advise stick to what makes you more confident, beautiful and check out my overall style here.
  • Wear your size – Now for me, I don’t wear tight clothes I wear my clothes right and with a bit of space for me to breathe. When you wear your size you look more put together, smart and like you put a lot of thoughts to your outfit.
  • Make sure you invest more in tailored and detailed pieces – again today’s look is all about the details, from the blouse to the 3D skirt, this will always give a well thought about effortless and chic look. I also find being a curvy woman it makes you look slightly slimmer
  • Try new different / unique things – Try coming out of your comfort zone and I can tell you first hand this is an amazing feeling and I share my experience here. Do not shy away from pieces/ items that are different as you might find yourself actually loving them.
  • Do statement pieces – this might require spending a little bit more in some cases, however, doing this will send amazing compliments your way often as it makes you stand out and gives a rich persona for example today’s outfit.
  • Colours – this is a major one which I have always talked about and you search my entire blog you’d notice it is overall very colourful.I have also talked about important colour is in your closet regardless of what your personal style is here


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As Always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish and stay Safe!