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With this weather fluctuating from been cold one day to be really hot the next makes getting dressed really confusing. And sweaters do not come in handy at this time, but trench coat does, however funny as this might sound I’m not a big fan of this piece as I prefer a piece more fun like the duster and can also be known as kimono.

During the warmer months and even during fall, this piece is a go-to for me, as it can be worn on a dress as in today’s post, I have shared this, here and here in past post and also in a set here. Duster or kimono is very functional and Transitional piece in my closet and I highly recommend this piece if you haven’t tried it or even added it to your closet yet.

Talking about functional and transitional pieces that work great in my closet, which by now you can tell is I love wearing chunky pieces of jewellery and even stacking them together. I have shared why I love statement jewellery in this post. However, since knowing and styling these ones which I have come to absolutely love and wear literally every day. I find it has allowed me to become more creative as I mix, match and stack them together and separately with my old ones.

I have different brands I love for different jewellery type, and for rings, it is definitely Rivka Friedman, and I am planning on expanding from just their rings to bracelets and earrings as well. As I have bought their pieces and I have not regretted it one bit as they last and does not tarnish. I love how bold and colourful their pieces are.

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//Kimono //Dress //Bag, Cult Gaia //Mules //Rings//



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