the togetherness of creating a family tradition

I love and enjoy the kind of togetherness starting a family tradition has brought us, I must admit it has initiated so much joy and excitement way more to our family as a whole. Since starting this tradition of matching outfits with my family I can honestly tell you it has brought us closer and everyone now looks forward to our picture days.

I have even extended the tradition to twining with both my older teenage daughters as shared here, to be honest I think my hubby low key enjoys it way more now than previously  shared here which is absolutely amazing I must say being someone who hardly takes pictures.

Now would you believe me if I told you we almost didn’t do matching outfits this year because I didn’t find what I liked initially, and also due to restrictions the line up at stores was a turn off for me. However, I am super glad I went with my guts, stuck with it and here we are sharing this post lol also If you can I strongly recommend you start a tradition with your family as well it is so fun!

It might not even be pictures only or at all, it might be travelling either out of your country or you can even explore different cities in your country as my family and I did here and here during the travel restrictions. Whatever you choose I can assure you it will definitely bring your lovely family more closer than it currently is.

Things to consider when starting a family tradition: 

  1. Talk about it first with the entire family
  2. Seek your family’s opinion on what to choose
  3. Consider a common interest your family enjoys
  4. Choose a tradition that works well with your family schedules
  5. Make sure you all stick to it regardless of what happens
  6. Try to be creative every year so it does not get boring
  7. Do not forget to enjoy your tradition each year




As always thanks for stopping by, and I hope you become more optimistic, and continue to stay STYLISH!