the power of early morning prayer

The world is truly going through unprecedented times, so many deaths happening literally all at once which is too much for  human comprehension. This is definitely the time for Prayers Prayers Prayers!! With the death of another celebrity(Chadwick Boseman) this weekend, who acted along side others the first and only black superhero movie which black children and adults can relate to really sends shivers down the Spain of everyone.

This is the most important time we need to have and strengthen our relationship with the Holy Spirit through prayers because this is how we communicate and reach out to Him Roman 8:26. Luke 18:1, and

John 15:7. Since I started sharing my Faith based post, I knew today’s post is one I will love to share as this has been what has carried me in every area of my life.

Prayers has always been a major major part of my life since I was young, thankfully, my parents were very prayerful. I grew up understanding just how important and necessary prayers are. As an adult and now a mother, I am constantly doing my best with my family by keeping them granted in prayers and teaching my kiddos how to pray.

I can boldly share that prayers have helped me through so many challenges, be it my marriage (this is major), my career, even this blog was born through prayers and that is definitely a post for another day. Situations that is beyond comprehension, or beyond our powers, a good example is this sudden pandemic should whole heartedly should be in God’s hands.

Now, I am not saying you cannot pray at anytime but I am sharing effective, from your mouth to God’s hears morning prayers are. If you can wake up as early as 4am – 5am is the best time to pray for effectiveness. For many reasons like,

  • Your home is peaceful and silent literally the whole is still at peace at this time.
  • Your phone is not ringing endlessness with people trying to reach you
  • You can pray your heart and cry your eyes out to the Holy Spirit
  • Your bond with the Holy Spirit is grows every time you do this
  • Your Spirituality also grows as a whole

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Always thanks for stopping by, and I pray our prayers shall not be in vain!