support women in business – international women’s day

I feel so blessed right now because one of my mission and reasons for starting my brand and blog is to reach out and ASSIST WOMEN of all race, colour, ethnicity and background you name it. Until I decided to celebrate this year’s international women’s day with these amazing female-owned brands, I hadn’t realized I had worked and partnered mostly with all women, which was never planned by the way.

I truly and genuinely believe in what these Canadian brands (again not planned lol) are doing and what they stand for, hence my collaboration with them. Promoting each others’ businesses and brand, working hard to meet our goals, I feel grateful right now knowing, I can refer each brand to others according to their needs.

I have the pleasure and opportunity to still be in touch with each business owner, as we are good friends. Feel free to contact them for your needs accordingly. Also Please follow them on their social media accounts to see what their brand is all about, and tell them I sent you. 🙂

Starting withMalzmode is a brand that specializes in handcrafted accessories for the family. They have bow ties, ascot ties, pocket squares in beautiful patterns, prints and colours for any formal events. Now, I have personally purchased pieces with my money for my son and husband (which he truly loves). I have also been invited by this brand to see their showroom where all the wonderful pieces are manufactured by hand and I was highly impressed. I actually have a post coming soon about this brand but in the meantime check them on the social media page Instagram, and Instagram.

Another amazing brand I love how unique their concept is BridesMade, this brand is the true meaning of VERSATILITY, and getting your money’s worth. BridesMade take off the stress of shopping for an outfit for any event you have, all you have to do is just rent, wear and return. I love that they have different beautiful vibrant colours and they cater to all shapes and sizes for women. Read more about this brand hhere, and can check out their Instagram to be blown away.

Ever wondered who takes all amazing my pictures? Well, wonder no more Ivdimpression, is the beautiful woman behind 90% of my pictures. Sometimes I honestly wish I can capture ALL the fun we have while creating the visual part of this blog. She is so patient, always on time, never jokes with her job and you need to see how she always helps me out juggling multiple bags during our shoot. 🙂

PhotoWorks is another awesome photographer I had the pleasure of working with recently. She specializes in branding photography and she took these pictures, these and many more. She is so talented and I love as soft-spoken she is, we both have been working together in branding both our businesses. So reach out to her as well through her website and or Instagram!

As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to support women both in your life and in Businesses!