styling the monochromatic trend

Hey, babes happy Friday! So the monochromatic trend is back yes back it’s not brand new, I remember very clearly being a little girl in the 80s and 90s this was the ‘it’ looks back then. Seeing my parents especially my mom ever so stylish and always in trend wearing this matching outfit from head to toe, obviously being little I didn’t know what it was called or even if it had a name but I know I liked this trend. 
However fast forward to now, this is back in trend and seen all over the runway, and designers have taken this even to the extreme lol, celebrities, and style influencers are not far behind on this as well! Now as easy as this trend looks it can be a bit tricky because it entails wearing one color but in different hues, which looks more pleasing and better than being in one solid color in one shade and being an all-around matchy. 
In my opinion, this trend I truly think will last for a very long time though might not be seen everywhere as now or even prominent as now but it won’t go away completely per say because of the ease and the fun that comes with styling it. 
As you know, I love to describe my style as elegant and classy with a touch of a trend in this post, well this is one of those “touches of trends”. I truly love and enjoy the monochrome trends so much that my post this past Monday was monochromatic! I have even in recent times styled it in different ways, and different colors as in this post, shown here, more here and here, and I can assure you this post won’t be the last in my styling this trend!

As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome week while staying STYLISH