styling body suits with literally everything

Today’s post all about spilling the tea of how best to achieve a perfect tucked in outfit that looks crisp. Have you ever wondered how to style well tucked in styling some tops, blouses and shirts looking so smooth and effortlessly stylish? Well, I am here to share, why you need them, how to style, and how to make them functional which in turn remains a staple piece in your closet.

Bodysuits are one-piece garments that come in a lot of variations styles like short, long sleeves, low cut in the back or front, scoop neck, different designs, prints, dressy and of course casual and blouse style to spaghetti strapped and skintight. They function as any shirt would, but have the added benefit of tucking in seamlessly to whatever bottoms you choose to pair with it.

Bodysuits tailor to your style, they can suck you in, lift you up, and work as the perfect base layer for any outfit! I highly recommend having different styles and prints as they obviously serve different purposes. Bodysuits are amazing for work and play, I mean the possibilities of this piece is just absolutely awesome.

It can be styled on skirts, pants and under dresses as a layering piece depend on your style, imaginations how creative you can be and or how functional you want it to be in your closet, the choice is totally yours. I personally LOVE this piece, even both my teenage daughters also love bodysuits lol they take after their mama what can I say, the picture below depicts how each of us chose to style the same exact bodysuit top, let me know your favourite.

I have showcased and shared different styles in this post, layered it here, here, here, also here lol so you can see this pice is important and in my personal style. The vibrant stripe colours attracted me to this blouse along with the tie details on the wrist, and I decided to style it with washed out style denim, nude sandals and one of my favourite Celine bags

/Outfit Details//
//Jeans // old, here, More here
/Bodysuit// old, more here, styles here
//Sandals// old, similar styles
//Celine Bag// old, Similar style
//Sunglasses // old, more styles here











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