spreading love​ at work for valentines day

Here’s is another look inspired by Valentine’s day, and nothing gives this day away than the colour….RED. So when I say I don’t really like styling black as much, well here is a genuine reason. I love and style colours more on the blog because I don’t get to express that love at work as I usually wear all black outfit every day, and to be totally honest it sucks for me as I have no choice it is literally a rule that must adhere to in the beauty industry.

Now having said that, if I could wear colour to work today’s look will totally be my outfit of the day for celebrating valentines day. It is well put together for a business-casual outfit and is appropriate for meetings with clients, lunch meeting, and or brunch with colleagues.

With valentines day falling on a weekday, I decided to go for a day to evening or dinner kind of look. This look is not just great for work and or spending time with your colleagues. It can also be appropriate for dinner with le boo right after work. Taking off the blazer will be another option which is less businessy looking but a more relaxed look to enjoy the night.

I decided to pair the tie top in this look to make it more feminine and with the ruching on the sleeve of the blazer, made pulling up more stylish. I love the cut and especially the length of the pants, as it still covered this sandal, and I really enjoy that look.

//Outfit details//
//Plaid Pants// Zara, sold out, similar,similar styles
//Blazer// Hm, old,  similar here
//Heels// Sam Eldelman, similar here 
//Tie Top// Zara, sold out, similar styles
//Sunglasses// Hugo Boss, old, similar here
//Handbag// old, budget friendly

As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish!