so much to be thankful for this thanksgiving 2018

I’m screaming and wishing you HAPPY THANKSGIVING, whether you celebrate on this day or another date or not even at all I strongly believe everyone has a cause to be THANKFUL. Like past years I have shared posts about how I spent past Thanksgivings and definitely, this year will not be different. I am super thankful and grateful.

  • As always I am and will always be grateful for my family for loving, supporting and always encouraging me.
  • I have so much I am truly thankful for this year like my oldest daughter just turned 12 amazing years, that’s an awesome milestone for me. Knowing she is alive, well, healthy and doing more than the average girls are age are doing is such a blessing.
  • This year I have had opportunities collaborating and working with amazing brands and meeting awesome people.
  • I feel so blessed to have become an entrepreneur and a serial entrepreneur for that matter managing multiple businesses, which allowed me to experience amazing and impactful conferences and events.
  • I am also thankful and grateful for personal growth, this has helped me in setting both personal and business goals and achieving some while still working on achieving the remaining.
  • I have to also let you know how much I sincerely appreciate you for your constant support for coming back to my blog and to let you know you are a huge part of me getting up to make new contents.

Overall this year’s Thanksgiving has been an emotional one for me looking back to where I was this year to where I currently am right now. I couldn’t have done half of it without God for sure, the support of my family, friends online and inline lol and also putting in hard work of course.
To everyone either celebrating Thanksgiving or not celebrating I wish you many more to come and I pray everyone has a reason to be THANKFUL ALWAYS!

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As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome week while staying STYLISH