Skincare Series (Night)


                 Sheet Masks and Serums 

Jean Pierre Pomegranate Sheet Mask – I love the smell of this sheet mask and its refreshing feeling. 
Green Tea Under Eye Renewal Patch – I use this when I feel puffy around the eyes and it works well
Retinol Advanced Brightening Serum –  I love the smell and feel of this serum and I think it works well
Retinol Advanced Brightening Night Cream – So I think the retinol advanced night cream and serum smells amazing, but you have to give it time improvement will be seen
Medyskin Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum – I tried this for hyper pigmentation but unfortunately I didn’t see any difference in my skin 
Retinol Anti-Aging  Facial Oil – Even though its oil it does not feel greasy but absorbs into the skin immediately I enjoy this oil lot 
Jean Pierre Red Ginseng Sheet Mask – To be honest I have not used this as much as I should so I haven’t seen any improvements. 

img_4234                                             what are your go to skincare products? See anything familiar or like to try?

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