My Skincare Series

Like makeup, I will be doing a series of my skin care staples and also I want to switch things up and try new products. I have never actually experienced acne in the past except for that time in the month, which I credited my skin care routine for so long. Now my skin has changed recently, and I am seriously experiencing hormonal acne breakouts. I have had oily combination skin all my life, but it later changed to normal, guess this is due to hormones again. But I’m kind of back to oily combination, so before the epic change here goes!!


 Cleansers and scrubs

1. Clarisonic Mia 2 my holy grail I use it with any chosen cleanser every 2-3 days depending on how my skin feels. Though I don’t use it too much as it makes my skin over sensitive.
2. Clarisea rapid detox charcoal works well with blackheads by putting out to surface so it’s easier to remove.
3. Makeup remover wipes from Costco is my favorite. It smells amazing and quiet large and removes all my makeup.
4. Michael Todd enzyme exfoliant scrub is quite gentle on the skin.
5. Mario Badescu strawberry scrub is my favorite scrub it’s also gentle with strawberry seeds for exfoliation.
6. Elizabeth Arden hydra splash toner love it because it’s gentle and alcohol free. I use it after scrubbing.
7. Mario Badescu glycolic foaming cleanser  is my favorite cleanser it works well for acne.
8. Michael Todd cleanse and tone cleanser is for normal to oily combination skin. It’s cleanses and tones at the same time.
9. Clarisea purifying cleanser has salicylic acid…I find it stings on contact.
10. Clarisea Micro-derma mud is in powder form and has to be mixed with cleanser.
11. 100% cotton pads is great with the Elizabeth Arden.

what are your staple skincare products? See anything familiar?

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time stay FLAWLESS!!