7 ways you can stylishly utilize scarves

One of my major goals on this blog is to share with you, how pieces you either already have in your closet or if you intend to have can be functional for you, that way you get your money’s worth. When I say function I mean you get your cost per wear, by styling it different ways and getting different looks and as I always say that depends on how creative you can be.

I shared this post on some tips in getting more from your closet and how to avoid unwanted clutter. You can also follow me on my Instagram as I also showcase one piece of item styled two different ways side by side. For today’s post I decided to share different ways to make scarves work for you by taking advantage them stylishly.

I have showcased different sizes and styled it differently like small, medium and large ones and also in different prints, patterns, and colours. Scarves truly serve different purposes and this can also determine how you can style and utilize them.

Different Ways Scarves Can Be Styled
  • Scarves has been saving women since “1705” hahah on bad hair days which I admit to doing especially now that salons are yet to open due to the pandemic. You can also tie scarves as hair bands and or hair tie check out pictures below.
  • I have previously styled /tied around my neck in this post which is so fun
  • I absolutely enjoy tying on my handbags as I did in this post and I think its super stylish
  • To give your sun hats a new fresh look you can also tie scarves on your hat
  • You can also tie scarves on your waist in place of a belt or even on your wrist for different stylish feel.
  • Just like tying on the head scarves there are amazing ways to achieve tying your scarf as a top I suggest you use a large one
  • Even while on vacation, scarves can also be utilized as a cover up and or dresses as I did in this post

Outfit Details//
//Jumpsuit // Old, here, More here
/Sandals// Giuseppe Zanott, Old, similar here,
//Bucket Bag// Similar style
//Sunglasses // more styles here










As always thanks for stopping by, and I hope you become more optimistic while staying stylish