seven fun ideas to try during social distancing

In the mist of this crazy unknown Coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic, everyone has be advised to stay at home to practise social distancing. However, some parents still have to work from home, while schools and daycares have been closed for another two weeks or so and we all have no idea when this will end but hoping it soon.

As a parent it can be challenging trying to work from home with the kids around, so I decided to share this post sending you positive vibes and to let you know, we are in this together. I also thought to share some ideas or tips that I have been using/ doing to keep sanity in our home without constantly relying on screen time like the TV, tablets and our “precious phones to keep us entertained also knowing that staying home can be boring without different fun activities to keep us going.

Things to do while practising Social Distancing due to COVID19:
  • Spring cleaning – Thankfully it is spring so this is defiantly the best time to clean out all your unwanted items and clear all winter clothing and bring in the freshness will help lighten up the mood at home.
  • Catch up on readings – Find books that interests you to read to help kill boredom, my favourite type of books to read is Self Developments and absolutely love audio books at the moments as it allow me to multi-task and do other things as well.
  • Get creative with your passion – I absolutely believe everyone is blessed with at least one passion, so if you don’t know yours yet, this is the perfect time to get to know that amazing side of you and get creative.
  • Switch up your space – Try moving furnitures around giving your house or space a new facelift sure sounds fun, which can in turn spark the need to redecorate and uplift the energy wink
  • Family games – Try Playing some fun games with your family like classic Snakes & Ladder, Checkers, Riddles, Word Puzzles, Scrabbles, Word Searches, Trail Blazers, Connect the Dots, Guess the Word. If you run out of games feel free to search the internet for more games.
  • Chores that have been procrastinated on – This period is also great to get round to those house chores that has been pushed aside for so long because there seems to be no time, for example clearing your garage, basement, arctic etc. I mean it can be therapeutic I’ll say get to it “in my mommy voice”lol.
  • Walking around the neighbourhood – Been home can feel overwhelming so I suggest trying evening walks around your area to get some good old much needed fresh air into your lungs. I promise that will help with clearing your head and also a form of exercise too while actually noticing few things in the neighbourhood you haven’t before.

Sending you a virtual hug and like I said we are in this together and we will surely conquer this pandemic. Hope you continue to stay safe out there and let me know in the comments if you try or have tried any of my above suggestions.

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