Rearranging and redecorating for a fresh look

I suggested some ideas and tips that can be done while we are all currently home in this post. I looked at my first living room partly pictured below and decided this is the best time to do spring cleaning and also refreshen the look of some faux flower I previously had displayed bouquet of faux flowers, placed nicely on the coffee table see below, before my little madame fiddled and messed it up few times lol thank goodness it’s faux.
Since having my active 3 year old toddler, I haven’t been doing much with the home decor and by that I mean tucking everything away safely in order for it not to get broken, or ruined so, I would say the best time for decorating again in my personal experience when raising kids should be 3.5 to 4 years and up.
I got out 1 big size, 2 medium and 2 small vases from the basement which few years back I had cleared and stored in a box. I also found some few small flowers as well for table or counter top decor and I got to arranging the flowers into bouquet. I arranged the small vases mixing up the colours, placing one in my closet/office table and the other one on my bedside table.
For the bigger vases I arranged the flowers in a monochromatic style, placing one on coffee table and the other on the dinning table and also adding the peach colour roses to the tall vases on each side of the living room. While doing these, I decided to also bring out and arrange the vase fillers according to the colour theme of each room, placing the peach one on the fireplace mantel while the other bowl went in the family room.
I also moved things around on the console table and redecorated  as well and I’m so proud I transferred ideas I use in my personal style “shopping my closet” into my home to redecorate and refreshen part of the first floor wink lol without spending a dime see pictures below of how everything turned out!
  • Check you storage for home decor as you never know what you might find
  • Put on your creative hat to wake your mind up
  • Do some research by surfing the web – lots of great ideas
  • Try using what you have got for now

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As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish!