Power of appreciating yourself through gifting

One of my major love language is GIFTING!! For me, it’s a way I express my love to family, friends and of course to myself. Having said that Ladies get in formation, lol this year’s Mother’s Day, I want to challenge you to gift yourself something very special.

There is power in the tongue they say, have you ever thought of power in gifting? Have you ever thought of gifting yourself, not just any kind of gift but a well thought, well deserved gift you have been longing to have.

Have it in mind that it doesn’t matter if you are already a mother or yet to be one, the idea to to show yourself love during this season and time of the year. We, women we do so much for our family and people around us, hence we do not even have time to think of ourselves.

Now I am not insinuating not to be expectant from our families, I’m recommending a gift from you to you. Yes, that item will be bought for you wrapped up specially for you, its an item you either save for and or work towards and gifting yourself.

Now, I am not insinuating running yourself into debts I am saying show yourself some good well deserved love whatever that means to you as it can differ from woman to woman.

Special Gift Ideas From You to You

  1. Fresh Bouquet of flowers to be delivered to you for a period of time
  2. Hair extension in your desired colour and or length
  3. A pair of gold earrings, gold watch and or bracelets
  4. An unusual perfume you wouldn’t buy on a regular day
  5. a pair of bold and stylish sunglasses from your favourite brand
  6. A pair of shoes you have been longing or dreaming of
  7. A beautiful handbag that speaks to you through its shape, style and or colour.
  8. A device that will make your work much easier e.g an iMac, New phone, tablet or camera.
  9. Organize a mummy makeover photoshoot along with a makeup artist
  10. Source out home cleaning service and don’t forget the duct cleaning too.
  11. A room makeover either for your closet or bedroom
  12. A spa retreat with your friends, sisters whoever makes you come alive.



As always thank you for taking timeout to show me some love by being here. Also don’t forget to show yourself some love as well and continue to stay STYLISH!