Overall self care you need to implement now

Now like before is the best time to take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. Currently most people are home, and a lot of people have unfortunately lost their jobs and livelihood. Domestic abuse and divorce is on a fast raise according to the news, internet and government has implemented numbers for such cases. .

This means people’s mental health is crumbling and people are losing themselves, due to this unforeseen situation has affected individuals and families negatively while having to stay away from the rest of the world and has unfortunately taken many lives.

As a certified Aesthetician, yep if you didn’t know well now you do lol, I can tell you many effective ways to take care of your skin and body in general and you can check out my skincare and beauty posts. I want to share with you today, that mental self care is most important and without the mind being sound and in a good place skincare does not matter.

12 Self Care Methods You Need To Start
    • Spend time with God by praying, reading, listening to the His Word and you will experience amazing peace of mind and growth for sure and I will be sharing more on this soon.
    • Declutter your phones, computer and emails of spams and unwanted to messages
    • Try listening to good music that makes feel good and even makes you move, and also inspirational speeches that wake something awesome in you.
    • Take time to really enjoy nice long baths, and don’t forget to light up some scented candles and try using body scrubs every 2 weeks wink.
    • Take care of your body by exercise (even if it is evening walks) take vitamins, and drink lots of water
    • Read any type of books that interest and makes you happy, I personally prefer self developments, audio style books
    • Detox your mind of negativity, be it human, place, or incidents – let go of the past that can not be changed but rather focus on the present and the future that can be redeemed.
    • Do a lot of things that makes YOU happy, search within you be it sowing, gardening, singing, drawing knitting, watching movies, just focus on what will bring you joy at this time and beyond.
    • Speak regularly ONLY to people who make you happy after the conversation is over
    • Show yourself some love, cut yourself some slack, speak positively to yourself, you can even try affirmations.
    • Except you really love and enjoy wearing black, I suggest you wear less or no black if you can, and I say this based on my personal experience as black pulls me down.
    • Be intentional by reducing or take out reading, watching or listening to as much bad news as you can i.e news on TV, surfing the web, etc

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  1. Olaronke
    April 16, 2020 / 5:24 am

    Babe thanks for this blog post, woke to reading the the content and it’s really inspiring. I have tried to implement some of the care plan methods in the past but didn’t work because time did not permit also because of my nonchalant feelings
    Will surely make use of them now and will be consistent 😘👍🏽

    • May 1, 2020 / 7:58 pm

      Aww Thank you so much my gorgeousness, I truly appreciate your feedback! sending you virtual hugs!!

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