no Monday blues in blue

It is another goal achieving week, another opportunity to yet again work towards attaining our dreams! Doing some casual outfit for a change on this Monday morning in a full denim monochromatic look! Yall already know my love for bright colors, especially when it is my most favorite color in the whole wide world (like my kids would say lol) as expressed in this post, so when the idea came to me I just couldn’t resist pairing look! 
Now I had been on a hunt for a new pair of blue shoes for awhile, not just any shade or hue but a royal metallic with a great shine to it for that matter. the kind that won’t be overlooked without speaking for itself. The kind of hue that will attract compliments and comments when styled and guys trust me when I say this when I deliberately have an urge or need for a particular item I will be as patient as the need be to get my hands on it.
I didn’t even have a particular style in mind even though I mostly prefer pointy shoes as I think its more classic, but because I had a particular shade in my heart even made it a little bit harder to get. However, with this pair, I had seen it on my good friends and partners Luxury Marvins website and Instagram, and for some reason, I just wasn’t sure about getting it and so I kept looking, but for some reason I couldn’t stop thinking and looking at it and secretly praying it will still be available when I was ready making up my mind.
So when I was finally ready and it was still available you can imagine how happy I was, and I thought to myself this is the typical “when something is yours it will not pass you by and in my case it patiently waited for me lol and I am truly grateful it did because upon arrival I fell hard for it as it looked even better and pretty in person. I decided to celebrate this by doing a monochromatic look since I already had the rest of the pieces in my collection.
I hope you guys enjoyed me sharing this post with you as much as I did working on it, and please don’t forget to check Luxury Marvins website and follow them on Instagram, and I still have my code leyePHn07 for you to use to get some money off your purchase

//Outfit Details//
//Shoes// Burberry, Luxury Marvins, love this, similar here
//Hat// Amazon here, 
//sunglasses// Marc Jacobs, old, similar here, budget-friendly
//Sweater// David Button, as worn here, other colors
//Neckpiece// sold out, similar here
//Coat// Zara old, similar herebudget-friendly here
//Jeans// Armani Exchange, old, similar here, budget friendly

As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome week ahead while staying STYLISH