my love for styling statement jewelries


Hello, lovelies, today’s post is all about making a statement and how you can achieve that just by styling the right pieces of jewelry with any outfit. Statement jewelry has the ability to make a plain outfit pop and even attract attention, like wearing a white button down shirt with jeans which is a classic outfit and adding a statement earring, chunky bracelet, and rings similar to this post, and here.

Statement jewelry can be seen on runways, by big name brands in the fashion industry, high street, fashionistas, bloggers and or style lovers alike are also into the trend. I especially love the fact that it can be worn with literally anything and it looks like way more time and effort has gone into putting the look together. 
If you have been following my blog for a while or even from the beginning you will notice literally all my outfits are styled with one piece of statement jewelry or the other as with work style, and here, with florals here, pleats here, celebrating a special occasion here,
You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a statement jewelry collection started or going, you just have to choose the right ones for your personal style, also there are quite affordable ones out there, as I have shared in past post from different brands.
For earrings right now Zara has their sale going on, Aldo also always has some amazing pieces which I have also shared, for neck pieces I love the chicos brand for their chunky pieces, for rings am especially fond of getting quality Rivka Friedman although it is not as budget friendly as Aldo, however you will definitely get your money’s worth! 

I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did working on it and hope my sharing has helped!