my first no kids vacation to jamaica​​​

So staying true to my words, I decided to start by sharing my last vacation just before starting this blog. Which means this trip is nowhere recent lol, in fact, I was few weeks into my last pregnancy while on this vacation, with my last child who will be two years in a few weeks.

I decided to share this post now, as part of the decision I made recently to share more exciting and fun experiences which I announced previously in this post. I usually post twice a week, but I thought why not be spontaneous and just go ahead and share this now before I change my mind again (I overthink things a lot and convince myself out of doing something lol.

Since having kids my husband and I have not had the chance of travelling and going away by ourselves. Until summer 2016 when the opportunity arises and to crown our blessings my mum was visiting us at the time, so we had no excuses for not going. We decided to visit Montego Bay Jamaica for the first time which is a beautiful island in the Caribbean for seven days.

Upon our arrival, we were picked up by the Holiday Inn hotel shuttle which was like 20 mins or so drive from the airport. We had to sit by the beach for like two or more hours as we came in earlier than the hotel check-in time. While we were waiting we had some tasty spicy jerk chicken, been an all-inclusive trip, we didn’t have to pay extra for food

I am so glad we experienced this trip as it was one of the most fun times I’ve had even though I was off and on experiencing morning sickness which limited my fun activities. But the spicy jerk chicken always came to my rescue, as I was literally addicted to eating it every single day before our vacation was over lol. I was able to get pampered at the hotel spa, sat by the beach during the day because it was so hot and humid I needed some cooling off.

We left our hotel to explore the city on a full day yacht which was an awesome party all the way to and back to the dock and this was one of my highlights of the trip. Another wonderful highlight was going to Ocho Rios to explore the Duns River, which was a well-known waterfall and scenic beach, with hills and rocks integrated into the waterfall such a beauty.

We also went to nearby and not so nearby shops, bought souvenirs for our kids, and the home as well and even bought the most delicious mangoes I have ever tasted. There was also live bands every night, such a great time bonding without the kids, and oh husband had the time of his life doing activities I couldn’t do like the ATV ride in the mud, which was an all-day activity. It was such a relaxing trip for me because i didn’t do anything which was great and so much fun!

As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish!