luxury items worth splurging on

Happy Friday my lovely style beauties and happy new month! For today’s post, I am sharing something a bit different and I really hope this helps at least one person. I thought long and hard about posting this, however, I decided to go ahead because I realized this is for me and for those who will benefit from this as well and not be judgemental.
As a very hard working woman, I have always believed in QUALITY over quantity and saving towards the splurge. Quality will always stand the test of time, you will most definitely get your money’s worth and enjoy your investment. I am sharing what I believe is worth my hard earn money and I see as an investment worth the splurge.
Personally, these are items I will and have splurged on which I can and will use for a number of years, worth the money and investment

Luxury Handbags; Okay so for me this is major as handbags, I say, is my thing. Now I do have some high street brands like Zara where most of my mini bags are from, mainly because I feel they were in trend and might fade also I can’t seem to spend thousands of dollars on mini bags. Majority of my handheld (which is my preferred style) are name brands like my Celine bag from Luxury Marvins in this post, Prada in this post, Givenchy in this post, Versace in this post to name a few.
Luxury Shoes; for this, I am a bit particular about and I love when shoes speak to me with so much volume either through the colors like this Sophia Webster, Giuseppe Zanotti in this post and or style like this Valentino, Christian Louboutins. Having said that, just like some of my bags I also wear Bcbgmaxazria, also here a lot because of their fantastic styles and awesome pieces, also some high street again like Zara in this post and this post, 
Luxury Accessories – Sunglasses to me can complete and also elevate the outfit to a million dollar look. It is worth buying, I prefer to have just four like this post, here, here and this post which I honestly do compare to having 20 in my collection that can keep breaking one after the other, again quality over quantity.  Also, Belts I consider to have just the right one over having many that will fail in the time of need, one that will be versatile in any way styled either with a dress, skirt or and pants or jeans
100% real gold jewelry; this I believe everyone will agree to as an investment lol, I have always worn all my life since I was a little girl, thanks to my mum who brought my sisters and I up knowing the value of this, and always encouraging us to get and add to our ongoing collection.
Technical Gadgets; Even though I am not as tech-savvy as I would love to be I actually enjoy being almost or somewhat up to date with my gadgets but I love them way before I embarked on my blogging journey. So being a blogger requires a great camera for pictures, editing and making your pictures top notch and clean, however before getting a camera using mobile phones like the iPhone can do a good job at taking clean pictures. Also having an up to date, durable laptop is much needed and an essential for me to work and to produce the best quality as well.
With all that being said I truly hope this post helps someone in deciding what is worth your hard earned money and investment, and I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did working on it until next time take care!

As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend  ahead and stay STYLISH