it is all about gratitude this easter

Happy Easter Sunday to you and your precious Family, this Easter is all about Gratitude, according to google means “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for” With this current world wide hit by the infamous Coronavirus (COVID19) have brought about illness, pains, loss of jobs and even death to thousands of people, not to talk of the world wide lock down we are all facing. I know this hasn’t been easy on everybody to say the least as many people are not used to staying home all day.

While some are naturally restless, being home literally is making lots of people freak out and so bored, if boredom is even close to describing the feeling many people are facing right now. One of the mottos I have been living by is to be grateful regardless of any situation I find myself and I in turn want to share that with you during this very challenging and difficult time.

I know for a fact it can be very hard to stay positive and grateful in any unpleasant situation, especially when there is no end date to this, however, when you think of how worse things can be, I’ll say it is more than enough to stay positive. Think of all the Healthcare Workers, Food Suppliers, First Responders like Police Officers, Fire Department, all in the line of duty faced daily with potential risks of contacting this deadly disease.

Having said that I suggest you start a gratitude Journal if you are finding things too difficult to be grateful for .What this journal can do is to help you see how truly blessed you are, not only in this whole situation that is out of our control but generally speaking going through this life.

In this Gratitude Journal, You write down ALL that you are currently happy or grateful for in your life, trust me you will be way more surprised at the amount of things you will have written down. You can start by being grateful for your breath which you are blessed to be gifted by God Almighty and you can continue and see how far you go.

Any note book will do however if you can get one that has some inspiration writing on it and which might even have a meaning and which you connect with will be great!


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As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish and have a Wonderful Easter Sunday!