introducing: Get to know my family

Hey you hope you are having a great start to the work week! Mine started with a holiday yaay I will gladly take that anytime  lol. It is Family day long weekend here in the T-DOT has Toronto is affectionately called, its a day for families to get together, bond and have some amazing time, awesome isn’t it?

Stepping out again “out of my comfort Zone” and officially introduce my family to you so as to get to know a little about them. During the holidays I shared this post of my family for the first time and as you know I have been married for 15 years which I shared here.The hubs who first made a cameo here, is a chef in his own right, we call him our very own personal chef T because of his passion and love for cooking, watching sports and screaming at the TV which I can’t seem to understand lol.

My first fruit, the small mummy of the family and I’m telling you she handles things when I’m not home. She is 13 going on 14 and by September will be off to high school! (I can’t promise you I won’t cry on her first day, Oh Lord I’m already hyperventilating I need water).I believe every family has one, the Drama queen lol, miss boss everyone around, though very crafty and creative likes drawing, painting and colouring, that is my 2nd daughter and oh she seriously takes after her mama in style as she loves fashion to the teeth and she is turing 12 in May.

Unto the prince and “protector” of the family (rolling my eyes and laughing at the same time),can you picture that lol as his dad and family members call him. His 7 going on 8 in August, he takes after his dad in loving sports, his currently the champion at chess in school (proud mama) he also loves all his toy cars and has an ongoing action figure collection.

Cough Cough here comes the baby but acts like a 25 year old mademoiselle lol, also loves fashion. If you follow me on my Instagram, you will have seen all her daily mischiefs, from wearing my makeup, to my heels and hats strutting around the house. Fun fact because of her, I changed my closet doors and till date the keys are always in my pockets even while in the house lol.

Hope you enjoyed this very very personal post of mine, I’l definitely would love to know something(s) about you as well so please feel free to share in the comments below. I can’t wait to read from you soon!!







As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish!