How you can spruce up your backyard

I absolutely love my home way more than I should, or more than the average person does because I have the habit of only indulging, buying, doing and involving myself in Genuineness. That is why before spending my money I making sure I absolutely LOVE the piece and also that is worthy every cent I spend and I have shared this many times on this blog and I can assure you I’ll keep saying it wink!

Having said that, I mentioned when I shared the front of my home how I wanted some special yet specific items when we moved into our current home few years ago. So I decided it will only make sense to also share part of my backyard which is another space I love enjoying, chilling in, and which sometimes serves as my work space for creating contents.

Growing up, my siblings and I were blessed to have a playground literally furnished with different kinds of fun and exciting equipments. So when I became a mother I knew I wanted my kiddos have similar or even better backyard experience. However, I didn’t want to wait till I could financially afford that so I decided to start by one item that will be enjoyed by my family.

I decided getting a swing would be beneficial and enjoyable for us as a family, and also because I have always wanted one since forever. I then went ahead to put together a space that will be suitable for us and the kiddos absolutely love it, and I hope this inspires you in making a fun space for you and your family as well.

Outfit Details//
//Maxi Dress // Old, Similar here, More here
/Sandals// HM, here, another colour,
//Celine Sunglasses// old, love this, similar here
//Earrings //old, more styles here




As always thanks for stopping by, and I hope you become more optimistic!