how to style power matching suits/sets

Hey you, today it is all about suits! Who would have thought that suits would be a major fashion trend? Even every major designer has hopped on the suit bandwagon to create their own version of this fast loving and growing trend in the fashion world. It is so funny because back in the day suits were only designated for the work place. Now it is been worn and styled in different ways on every major runway, and street style alike.

This trend that women are loving and even adding their own feminine flair used to belong solely for men. Suits are also made in a variety of prints and patterns and oh colours which is my favourite part. The popularity of suits is due to how beautiful and powerful women feel in it, and not forgetting the versatility of a suit. It is such a functional trend I personally find, as it can be worn to work, brunch and to any event.

When I say it is functional, it can be worn together as a look and or separately with other pieces. For so many reasons suit has proven to work for every body type, and that is why I strongly believe you cannot sleep on the trend and just try it out. I will also say when and if you want to try this, find out what the colour of the year is so that you can look fresh, and feel great while rocking it. For this year orange/coral is the colour hence mine is orange/red. I have styled it last year in yellow, and pink.

//Outfit details//
//Linen Blazer// HM past season, heresimilar styles
//Linen Pants// HM past Season, heresimilar here
//Graphic T-shirt// Zara, old, similar styles
//Shoes// Sam Eldaman, old, simialr style 

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