How to style a brooch 20 ways

As women some of the things we all love and indulge in, is spending money on handbags, shoes and of course jewelry, check this post about statement jewelries. 

Speaking of, there’s this piece of jewelry I watched my mom style numerous times as a little girl. My mum had it in different styles and colours and I in turn, fell in love with it as well and I’m talking about brooches. 

I’ve styled this piece once or twice here on my blog, however I had my heart set on a particular one which is the Chanel CC brooch. If you are subscribed to my YouTube channel, or following me on IG you would have seen the unboxing and the story of how I got this beautiful piece.

Now, if by any chance you haven’t watched the reveal video, you can do so via this video. This Chanel brooch has been on my Wishlist for well over 6 years and its been added to my items of sentimental valuables, I’m just grateful to have this special piece into my collection.

How amazingly stylish would you be to wear one of these scented brooches omg I’m totally drooling over this lol.

 20 Amazing Way To Style A Brooch

  1. According to the brand Diptyque, you can have it as your scent of the day and double as a brooch see here
  2. Attach to your blouse (The is widely known
  3. Clip on your Button down shirt
  4. Attach to the middle of your shirt collar
  5. Attach on the sleeves of your shirt folded
  6. Clip on your clutch as a logo and or accessory
  7. Attach to your t-Shirt
  8. Attach to your belt as a buckle
  9. As a pin to hold your wrap skirt or dress from opening
  10. Clip on you hat (either a beanie or fedora
  11. Clip on your poncho
  12. Clip on the lapel of your coat
  13. Clip on the lapel of your blazer
  14. Attach as a hair pin
  15. Clip on to hold your scarf in place
  16. Attach on you chain as a pendant
  17. Clip on the side of turtleneck sweater
  18. Attach it to your headbands
  19. You can clip it on your jean jacket to slightly dress it up
  20. You can clip it it on your shoes (FYI – I don’t recommend this


As always thank you for taking timeout to show me some love by being here and continue to stay STYLISH!