how to incorporate neutrals into a colourful closet

Something strange yet exciting has been happening to me in recent times and I just have to share with you. Okay first of all who is this writing this post, because if you had told me few years or even months ago that I will find myself gravitating towards neutral colour palette I’d tell you, you either didn’t know me or you are mixing me up with someone else lol.

I have obviously heard of people with minimalistic lifestyle in general, and I always wondered how in the world they did life without colour. Well I kind of understand and see why, although to be honest I actually love it and that’s why I’m embracing it because I find myself loving how blacks, whites, tan, grey, camels, browns and light colours in general looks, I find it fresh, crisp, oh so clean and overly put together.

Now I don’t know if its age or just me evolving in my style, however having kids and especially now with a very active toddler, I couldn’t wear or style colours like whites, grey and lighter even pastel hues, while out and about with the kids, and so I decided to just style neutrals only when I am meeting with clients which again gives that crisp look, when I am meeting up with friends for lunch or brunch or even date night with hubby.

As a colour lover I prefer to either do a monochrome as in this post, or this, or just mix different neutral shades in one outfit as in pictures below of past post. Also seeing fellow bloggers and style lovers just rocking that crisp Instagram page, I have found a way of integrating this colour palette into my personal style and knowing where and when to style some of the lighter and easily stainable colours.

As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend while staying STYLISH