how to develop and strengthen faith

Receiving the Holy Spirit is first and major step to having a personal relationship with God as shared in this post! As human beings we tend to get weaken when our prayers are not answered YET, we get weary when we have problems we cannot solve like battling unemployment, oppression, mockery, childlessness, disease, and depression. Especially when we see others blooming yet we look/ feel stagnant particularly during the time of fervent prayers and waiting on the Lord.

We think maybe God is not listening, but today I want to ASSURE you, God listens to every breath we take even when we are not praying even tough our needs are not presently met. As human beings trials and tribulations which are tests of one’s patience or endurance, unfortunately also part of our lives especially during times like what the world is currently facing.

Five Ways to Strengthen / Renew your Relationship with the Holy Spirit:
  • Alone time is very crucial, just been in God’s presence and being still, Finding time just being by yourself helps a lot, however, as a mama this is a very challenging one but I most enjoy this when the kids are asleep.
  • Constant Prayer – This to be honest tends to fluctuate with me, sometimes I am very prayerful and sometimes I cannot even pray. So what I find helps me is just straight out talking to God every sec, min, ardor hour that I feel the need or urge to. 1 Timothy 2:8, Philippians 4:6, Colossians 4:2, 1Thessalonians 5:17, James 5:13, Mark 11:24
  • Praise and Worship – Personally, I honestly think this is the most easiest and fastest way to get to God’s ears. Singing goes all the way to heaven and I personally do this when I can not pray to be honest. Listening to gospel songs brings about wonderful time in the presence of God, and sometimes leads to a prayer session.
  • Reading and Studying The Bible – helps us hear clearly from God directly and also encourages us through His word.Psalm 46:1-3, Proverbs 18:10, Nehemiah 8:10, Isaiah 40:31, 1King 3:14
  • Meditating on the Word – this is when you read or heard of a chapter, verse and not sure or clear of the meaning of what you read in the Bible and you constantly think or ponder and even ask the Holy Spirit for the meaning and He will surely explain to you in a way you will understand better.Joshua 1:8, 119:97-99

I personally use this Bible app as I find it really easy, I can also compare different versions, listen instead of sitting down to read and I absolutely love it.

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