how to avoid clutter in your closet

VERSATILITY is one of the biggest key feature in my personal style, which is also known as Restyling and I personally call it THE ART OF VERSATILITY. Having a functional style which is another word, is one of the many thrills I get blogging and sharing my personal style with you. Now been a fashion blogger and enthusiast, shopping is a huge part of this job, meaning my closet is ever growing and I’m not complaining about that part lol wink. Keeping in mind that I don’t do a lot of trends, I still try to keep up by bringing new contents to you without having an overflowing closet, which is a situation I am defientely not here for.  

One of my goals and vision for Passion Heavenly blog is to share similar post like today, which I have done few times already, you can check here and here. However I realized I haven’t been sharing as much as I would love to on here compared to my social media, where for almost a year now, once a week I do a side by side comparison of outfits and you can check out my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

I will be showcasing how to maximize an item, how to make your closet functional and to avoid clutter that way you get your money’s worth. If you are like me that dislikes unnecessary, never going to be worn items in your closet then you will definitely find this post very useful. I know your next question will be, how do I make sure I avoid an overflowing closet you might ask? Not to worry I’ll be sharing three trips and tricks on how to achieve this.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Clutter

One of my major tips is to think – I mean really well on any piece of item you wish to purchase, now don’t get me wrong I can also be an impulse shopper lol myself, however, I make sure an item can serve different purpose in my closet and in my personal style.

Invest / Purchase items or pieces that can be maximized – A great example is this nude vest in today’s post, I have styled it while pregnant and many more times after that. Check this post, here, and here to see how functional it has been.

Donate items that you have not worn in years – which means possibilities of you wearing it again is zero to never, so give it to someone else who will show love!

As you can see I showcased two different ways I wore this dress, the first look is a monochromatic style with the coat, while the other is with a vest with a nude/ beige mix to it! Let me know what you think by leaving your comments below in the comment section!

//Outfit Details//
//Dress// Zara sold out, Similar style,
/Coat// Asos old, similar here, more here
//Long Vest // Zara Old, Similar style
//Pumps // Old, Similar here,
//Heel Boot// Old, similar styles here
//Circle Bag// heremore styles here /
//Nude Shoulder Bag // Kurt Geiger, more styles
//Belt// Old,Nordstrom, Similar here,
//Nude Belt//Salvatore Ferregamo, similar styles here



As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish!