how coming out of my comfort zone has grown me

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Late last year a friend and colleague of mine borrowed me this amazing book titled “My Year of the Yes” by Shonda Rhimes, this book encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone this year, and since then I have been taking some baby steps.

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For years I felt insecure about, my arms as I feel regardless of what have done in the past to reduce it has its own mind literally. I haven’t worn a sleeveless piece either dress, tops or blouses until I decided to be more open and took a major step wearing a strapless bra and in styling this dress, this, here and here.

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Trying mini bags was also something I never thought I would be open to as I have always been a huge lover of big handbags as shared here even though I have literally downsized to medium size. stying mini-bags, here, here and here has actually being a good way of traveling light without being overwhelmed or getting tired of carrying my entire world in my handbag lol. 

Styling pieces of jewelry not 1oo% gold took me quite a bit of time to get used to as I have always worn Italian gold and I have my mum to both thank in appreciating true beauty in pieces of jewelry. She brought us up wearing gold and I remember she would encourage my sisters and me to invest our allowance in buying all gold (I have two by the way). Now I really enjoy styling statement accessories with my outfits shared in different posts here, and I even did a post all about making a statement accessorizing here.

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Straw / Summer bags are fashion pieces I never even tried before I started blogging, as I was never a fan of handbags that wasn’t more dressy looking again until now that I saw quite a lot of fashion bloggers styling this piece differently and I decided to try here, here and here, well lets just say I am glad I did!

And so lovelies with all that being said I highly recommend taking baby steps like I did to try out things usually not in your alley, I am still a work in progress myself and still super scared to do some things. However, for everything I have tried so far there are no regrets and so I leave you with inspirational quotes to help motivate and to gently push you to try something new!

Please share what you have done and what you are thinking of doing outside of your comfort zone!



As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend of coming out of your comfort zone