Holiday Red Lip

The holidays are here which means work, friends and family getting together for parties and lot of drinking and eating of course. Looking beautiful, sexy and makeup on point,  while been around good company and having fun in the spirit of the holidays. That is why i decided to come up with different brands and budget friendly red lipsticks appropriate for the season with a good staying/ lasting power for all the fun, eating and drinking.


Nyx – Kitten Heels is a liquid lipstick which is quiet affordable, well pigmented, smooth and has a good staying power. 
Gerard Cosmetics – Fire Engine is pretty good and matte, i will say the least long wearing out of all.
Wet and Wild – Spotlight Red is a drug store brand that can be comparable to a higher end because of its staying power and its well pigmented.
Milani – Kiss Matte #72, similar to red velvet by wet and wild but a tad bit lighter in shade.
Mac Cosmetics – Ruby Woo is the most drying on the lip out of the list. Excellent staying power and can actually chap the lips if care not taken, so i just apply eos lip balm before applying it to keep my lips hydrated.
Wet and Wild – Red Velvet is similar to mac ruby woo in color but not the same staying power.
Ofra – Atlantic City is another liquid lipstick and I love it! lovely shade long wearing and shade i find is quiet different from others.
Mac Cosmetics – Fashion Legacy is also a liquid lipstick and I find is quiet similar to the Nyx in terms of shade, excellent staying power and color, and its achieved literally wit just one swipe.
Milani – Iconic Matte #68, is also a great shade and long wearing for a drug store milani brand is on top of heir game 

So I decided to put the lipsticks’ staying power to test as pictured below!

what are your go to or favorite red lipsticks? share your thoughts!

Thanks for stopping by until next time stay BEAUTIFUL!!