grey and black

*  Dress// Joe Fresh
*  Wool Jacket// Jacob
*  Handbag// Kate Spade
*  Over the knee boots// brand I believe is checklist but I bought it on hautelook

Happy Monday everyone!….I cant believe its the end of January already smh how time flies and waits for nobody. Anyways enough time to still work hard on our dreams and goals. So for this look, can you believe the jacket is over 10 years and still going strong I think I have a sentimental attachment to it lol it’s very warm, chic and of course classic looking. The dress on the other hand I have had for well over a year but just got round to wearing it for this shoot (I have a funny habit of buying and not wearing….am I alone with is habit please let me know who else does this LOL.

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time, stay STYLISH!!