great pieces for transitioning into fall

The season is starting to change slowly and fall weather is creeping in ever so gently, which means fall fashion shopping. but before you go ahead STOP and READ today’s blog post and do not dash out the door in a hurry and out to the mall or even to shop online for the coming fall season. I can bet you-you already have what you need in your closet!

One of the things I personally love about the fall season is the ability to carry over some of your summer pieces, with just some tweaking here and there like layering pieces together makes the season fun. I remember I used to always buy new things for the fall season and sometimes I find I have the same or similar item at home, thank God for wisdom now I hardly shop when the fall season is approaching, except it is an item or piece I really either need or I don’t already have in my closet.

I decided to share my key pieces that will be great for layering worn together and or with other pieces, which is already in your closet or collection, by so doing will save you both times spent going to the mall and will save you some money., thank me later lol.

Styling transitional pieces like blazers, which is one major versatile piece and goes great with literally everything, and I have spoken many times about this closet must-have piece here, here and I have styled different ways as shared in this post just this past Monday. Check here, here and here for great options.

Kimonos/ Duster are very similar as they come in different prints, texture, color, and length. this piece too can be versatile and can be worn on dresses, pants, skirts, and jeans of course. Try this here, here and here, here

Poncho is similar to a scarf but bigger and better, usually made of wool to go around and keeps the entire body warm. this piece is great for evening and or when the weather is not cold enough for a jacket or coat. Love this here

Styling pieces with colors like burgundy, nude/caramel, rusty or and chocolate brown, burnt/orange colors and your floral pieces in the fall season can never be wrong as these print and colors are always in season and on trend, you can try here and here

I hope you give shopping in your closet a chance, let me know if you did and what you came up with. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I did working on it!

As always thanks for stopping by and have an awesome weekend while staying STYLISH