Gratitude & Goals to start 2022

Happy New Year My gorgeous ladies. I wanted to take a moment to Thank and Appreciate You for being a loyal part of the Passion Heavenly Brand and for the lovely support since day one.

As you would have noticed, I’ve been pouring my heart and soul into every aspect of this blogging career for the past 5 years. Yes you heard that right lol its been 5 years how times flies right, so you see why it means a lot to me having your support.

Now, with this new year comes a much needed reset in every aspect, including new goals and aspirations. As you know I stepped on fear and stepped out in faith to start my YouTube channel last year and its has been such a journey full of amazing growth and of course experiences.

So, I thought to share some updates with you regarding my very busy schedule trying to be present on my social media platforms like Instagram and I even started a ticktock account. Hence why my blog post will now be published every 2 weeks instead of the usual weekly post.

For my overall brand, I truly believe as women we don’t NEED to expose our body to look beautiful. That is why my Mission and Goals for my blog aka website will continue….

  • To Inspire EVERY woman as much as possible in achieving an Elegant, Sophisticated yet Conservative and Fashion Forward Style hence my motto #fullycoveredyetStylish see here 
  • To Uplift through Words of Encouragement and Inspirational Post with so much going on in the world especially since the break and start to an unforeseen pandemic world wide. Read here
  • Sharing Style Tips/Tricks and Beauty Recommendations & Favourites that have been effective for me as well as overall self care. Learn here
  • Sharing More Exclusive and Tailored Posts for Outfits for your Shopping experience. Expect Newsletter
A Million Times, Thank You, For your support, for giving me the opportunity to serve and empower you along this journey. I want you to know each follower, subscriber and supporter who raises their hand to cheer for this big dream of mine becomes a part of what you see today and in the nearest future…..
I also will be looking forward to getting to know you more through your comments and I can’t wait to continue sharing more content with you so please stay tuned.

As always thank you for taking timeout to show me some love by being here cheers to an amazing 2022!


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