God will nourish to flourish you – 7 ways

So I have been waiting on God for a very specific blessing which of course I am still wanting, to be honest most times can be frustrating. And I mean the kind of waiting that brings tears from being done waiting, the kind of tears that says I’m done and want to give up. So while in my waiting moments or should I say years I want to share this post to serve as a big reminder to me and to share my testimony when that time comes.

This is one of my never say never moments. I never thought writing or even sharing this post will ever be as I never gave plants a first thought talk more of 2nd. To all plant parents I secretly judged while rolling my eyes like “get a life” I’m sorry lol. 

I never thought I’ll be a plant owner, until this Peace lily plant came into my life after a nudge from the Holy Spirit, I didn’t know why but I chose to TRUST Him. I took the picture below few minutes after bringing it home July 31st 2010 and yes I kept track of the months for testimony.

To be totally transparent I still don’t know exactly why I’ve been nudged to get this plant, however, after taking care of it for months I certainly have a better understand, but I know the reason will be revealed in due time. And so, until then I’ll continue to take care of it patiently.

As for me regarding this plant, I have honestly grown to love it, water and take care of it which I’m happy to say it’s flourishing and I clearly see growth as its starting to flower and I can’t wait for it to bloom.

Take away from this post…..Allow God to nourish you in other for you to flourish, TRUSTING in God even when you don’t understand is one of the steps.

How To Allow God to nourish you in other for you to flourish

  1. Go to God in prayers
  2. Investing time in His word and prayers for more clarity
  3. Let God teach you patience and resilience
  4. You need to go where God Almighty leads
  5. You don’t have to have all the answers before starting
  6. You don’t have to fully understand just go with His instructions and His directions.
  7. Ask the Holy Spirit how to be successful in the instructions

As always thank you for taking timeout to show me some love by being here and continue to stay STYLISH!



  1. Queen
    May 19, 2021 / 11:09 am

    Waiting can be so frustrating and seems long , but it sure does end I praise . Awesome post inspiring ⭐️

    • May 19, 2021 / 2:28 pm

      Yess absolutely I agree it is not an easy waiting on God but it always ends in praise!!
      Thank you for your kind words darling 🙂

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