giving myself permission to live more

They say with age comes maturity, good sense of reasoning and an easier way of experiencing and or looking at life. I’m super excited about sharing today’s post with you, I feel like this post is an update to this post tho, so maybe if you haven’t read that post please do so, so as to be caught up on the gist! 🙂

Now, that it is officially spring, I’m clearing out the old and in with the new. Staring with the decision to enjoy every moment way more than I used to, and to accept that some details in life cannot be planned. Being that I have always been a planner, and if given the chance I’ll plan every second of my life :).

Having said that, I have also decided to put a stop to buying on impulse and to make sure I actually “NEED” something oppose to wanting it which is a bittersweet decision. So, for now, no new handbag and or shoes except if its a style or colour I do not have but need in my collection. Having said that I do plan on getting possibly a handbag for my birthday in March.

//Outfit details//
//Blue Pants// Zara, old, it is back, similar styles
//Floral top// Zara, old, similar here
//Earrings// old, similar styles
//Bracelets// old, similar styles
//Heels// Zara, old similar styles

Being a style blogger I will admit my buying habits has tremendously sky rocked to what it is now. Although I am not complaining duh lol, however, I have to be practical. I want to start enjoying my money well-spent investments pieces instead of looking for the next best thing out there. In return, I can be able to save money and in so doing achieve my goals!

Enjoying what I have right now – To be honest I am truly happy and at peace with my current luxury collection. I want to get back into the fun of shopping my own closet and in doing so I can be able to find out new ways of restyling pieces worn before and be more adventurous in my style and most importantly get the most use out of them.

I will love to hear your thoughts on this and if you are thinking of doing this or you have already done this or even in the process!

As always thanks for stopping by, and continue to stay stylish!