gift ideas for that special dapper

Okay okay, I know you are probably wondering, is this not skincare for men? Absolutely it is, men, as well as women, need and deserve to take care of their skin as well. this gift idea actually came to mind when a friend of mine checked out my blog and was like come on it is not fair I don’t even once in the while talk skin care for men. However, I am glad I’m doing this now and what better time of the year than the holiday season. you can check here for other options as well and here for the set range of the skincare.

In my defense, It never occurred to me to be totally honest. As much as I do know men also have concerns and or skin issues and also working with mostly women and of cause men in my beauty industry job, being married to a man like my husband who has been blessed with great skin and does not even have any skincare regime, has not even helped in drawing my attention to this.

For active men and or women, I am also sharing some amazing PhytoSport options, great work out daily essentials and nutritional items to choose from. Also, like a protein shaker cup which I personally have and constantly using with protein shake here in different flavors. Water bottles always come in handy while either in the gym or just to keep the body hydrated while on the go and I cannot get enough of during the day while enjoying my daily dose of the best selling energy boosters called the fizz sticks that come in three main delicous flavors with a limited edition just launched and omg I love this as well.

If by any chance you require more information on any Arbonne products, please do not hesitate to contact me or you see any product that interests you I will be more than happy to help you.


As always thanks for stopping by and happy holiday shopping